Sanitize Your Vehicle!

Be sure your vehicle is free of virus and smells great. Superbly effective, this is the ideal way to refresh and purify your vehicle.

BluChem's excellent Vehicle Sanitizer Anti-Bacterial, Klima Fresh, to protects driver, passengers and technicians from bacteria & viruses,  certified by IFU in Germany.

FREE with Automotive Service, $50 as a stand alone service.

BluChem Engine System Cleaners

This excellent line of engine maintenance products keep your vehicle in top performing condition, while maximizing performance and economy.

OXICAT Catalytic Converter Cleaner:

OXICAT is a specially developed high-performance cleaner to sustainably and effectively remove, soot and carbon deposits in the entire exhaust tract, especially in the area of the catalyst, the lambda sensor, the turbocharger and the EGR valve.


  • Removes existing deposits
  • Provides protection against heavy dirt with regular use
  • Provides the engine performance Restores
  • Ensuring the proper operation of the oxygen sensor / catalyst / the turbocharger and the EGR valve
  • Prevents or eliminates problems that appear on OBD


Try these other BluChem Engine Services:

1- Internal engine cleaning service:

This service removes operational contamination and resins deposits in the entire oil and lubricating circuit. Dissolves residues and carbonizes the piston rings and the upper cylinder area. Neutralizes harmful engine acids. The fuel system cleaner solves the water issue from condensation, lubricates the system, cleans varnish rubber & gum and dissolves it to a flammable substance. This positively improves fuel consumption & engine performance, reduces wear of the aggregates and prolongs life of the catalytic converter. In addition, oil system cleaner protects the engine during the cleaning process through highly effective lubrication components. 

Recommended service with every other oil change.


2- Injection & intake system cleaning service:

This service to clean injectors, intake manifold & Valves, this service improves motor performance & removes carbon deposits from the valves. It also removes deposits throughout the whole fuel injection system. 

Service recommended every 25000 miles. 


3- Exhaust system cleaning:

(EGR – O2 sensor – catalytic converter – turbo charger - DPF)
This service removes existing contaminations, increases fuel efficiency and reduces exhaust emissions, Avoid OBD failure caused through high contamination.

Recommended once every 6 months. 



4- Radiator Cleaner & protection: 

This service helps maintain the heating and cooling performance in the system, the radiator flush removes operational deposits in the entire cooling system, dissolves dangerous radiator sludge and cleans water cooler. Radiator conditioner protects the system from rust, corrosion and lime scale. Lubricates valves thermostat and water pump, it also improves the heat exchange and keeps the coolant’s pH-value stable. These products are compatible with all antifreeze brands. 

Recommended service every 1 year or 15000 miles.


5- Power Steering Service: 

This service can help to keep power steering system to function properly and protect the power steering and rack & pinion component. 

Service recommended every 25000 mile. 


6- Automatic Transmission Service: 

Today's automatic transmission fluid are usually of good quality but they cannot prevent, that operationally caused contaminations and oxidized oil residues deposed with time on the transmission parts.This service to protect and avoid automatic transmission issues, such as hard shifting, slipping, damage clogged solenoids. 

Service recommended every 50,000 miles.

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